Benefits of In-House Production

Published: 20th May 2008
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At Tradeshowdirect, we believe there's nothing better than producing your trade show display in-house. "In-house production" means that from the time you place your order, we personally manufacture or assemble your display, design and print your graphics, set up your display, and photograph it. This way your display never ships until we determine it's ready.

Over the years we've learned that shipping directly from an outside manufacturer isn't always the best. Sometimes parts are wrong or missing, graphics aren't the right size or contain an error, or instructions are too difficult or confusing. So when we order a display from a manufacturer, such as the Exhibit One display, we have it shipped to us first. When it arrives, we unpack it, inspect it, and set it up to make sure everything works correctly and looks good. This system has caught numerous errors in the past, ensuring the customer is getting the highest quality product.

Even when we use several manufacturers for one job, we still have everything shipped to us before the client. Although we pay shipping twice, it's worth it to us to make sure every customer gets what they pay for. When we've set up the booth and made sure everything works properly, we take high quality photos for our records and our online gallery. We also email these photos to the customer so they can see their booth before we ship it.

If we have trouble setting up a display, we make sure our clients don't. Manufacturer's directions are often written for educated trade show staffers, not always the everyday personnel or sales staff that operate a trade show booth. We take out all the guesswork of tools, screws and knobs by providing easy to follow instructions with high quality detailed photos, making sure our customers will have a hassle-free exhibit.

There are many companies out there (distributors) that refuse this extra step because of limited office space or shipping costs. The result is a display that hasn't had the TLC put into it to ensure customer satisfaction. Multiple packages arrive from different locations at different times, rather than the whole booth all at once, creating more room for shipping problems. Graphics don't fit or have errors, hardware is missing a part or a piece is broken, and your shipping costs suddenly doubled because you have to return parts. Your show date is rapidly approaching and you still haven't set up your display.

By taking the time to completely assemble every single display, we eliminate huge margins for error and ensure the best quality display for our customers. And it rarely adds extra turn time! So purchase your next display from Tradeshowdirect, and be sure your display is put through the best quality assurance system in the industry.

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